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The CP Post driver is a tough machine with plenty of power that drives posts or rods in most surface material from soft soil to rock-hard asphalt. The T-version has the trigger function mounted directly on the driver for short post driving. The RV-version is equipped with an On/Off valve mounted at the end of a 2 m long tail hose, for remote operation on long poles. All models can be used handheld. On long poles, the CP post driver is lifted/tilted up together with the pole.

The CP post driver comes in three model sizes each designed for specific applications.

  • The PDR 30 T is a lightweight high-frequency driver for fast driving of small diameter rod, anchors, fencing, tent stakes, earth connectors, or similar.
  • The PDR 75 is an all-round driver for post driving, anchoring and fencing, and is equally effective for steel or wood posts.
  • The PDR 95 is a heavy-duty post driver that has the muscle to drive large posts in the toughest sand or soil conditions.


  • Used to drive down posts or rods for fences, road signs, crash barriers, tent anchors and more.
  • With 6 tons of pulling power and an automatic chain-tightening clamp, the CP post puller has the muscle you need to get the job done.
  • The machine accepts a wide range of different shapes and, if needed, you can use a separate hand lever to add another 4 tons of pulling force!

The CP post puller can be powered by a hydraulic power pack, or connected to a hydraulic outlet on a truck, excavator or loader.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic chain-tightening clamp
  • Accepts a wide range of shapes
  • Can be powered by a power pack or connected to an outlet on a truck, excavator or loader

Joe Jeter Sales offers these CP Hydraulic Post Pullers & Drivers to areas surrounding Dallas, TX and beyond.

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