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Posted on May 1st, 2015 by RWM Admin

Joe Jeter Sales supplies pneumatic tools to clients in a variety of industries including road construction, quarries and mines, and demo and excavation. We also sell wholesale to rental stores and construction supply retailers.

  • Road Construction
    • Compaction equipment, rollers, dowel drill bits, paving breakers
  • Quarries and Mines
    • Rock drills, carbide bits, drill stems
  • Demolition and Excavation
    • 15-90 lb breakers, Hydraulic breakers, points and chisels
  • Paving Contractors
    • Rollers, compaction equipment, concrete finishing tools
  • Tunnelers
    • Clay diggers, rivet busters, clay spades, points and chisels
  • Concrete Truck Chipping
    • Rivet Busters, chipping hammers, points and chisels
  • Fencing
    • Rock drills, bits, stems, pneumatic post drivers
  • Railroad
    • Spike drivers
  • Utilities and Telecom
    • Paving breakers, tampers
  • Foundry
    • Chisel scalers, rammers, needle scalers
  • Foundation Repair
    • Chipping hammers, rock drills
  • Municipalities
    • Paving breakers, tampers, chipping hammers, rock drills
  • Refractory Contractors
    • Rivet busters, needle scalers, chisel scalers
  • Redi Mix Concrete Plants
    • Rivet busters, chipping hammers
  • Cast Stone
    • Sand rammers, chisel scalers
  • Bridge and Deck Repair
    • Rivet busters, chipping hammers, rock drills
  • Stone Artistry
    • Chipping hammers, chisel scalers, needle scalers, air scribes
  • Urban Rescue
    • Paving breakers, rivet busters
  • Industrial Grout Contractors
    • Rivet busters, rock drills

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