Hydraulic Post Drivers & Pullers - Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco offers a variety of post drivers from a weight class of 40 to 80+. These powerful machines are perfect for driving in road barrier tubes, profiles, signposts, fences and a wide range of anchors and poles. The post drivers provide stable, powerful, high speed driving for a variety of post sizes. When operated with an optional hose-mounted remote-controlled valve, the drivers can be run with both open- or closed-centre systems.

Features & benefits

  • With built in on/off valve for short pole driving
  • For driving of
    • Road barriers
    • Tubes / profiles
    • Signposts
    • Fences
    • Anchors
    • Ground rod

The post puller is used by road-maintenance contractors to repair barriers. With hardened jaws and automatic chain tightening clamp, the Atlas Copco post puller is ideal for removing all kinds of wooden or steel posts including IPE, HPE, and UPE profiles, plus round/square steel tubes. Pulling force up to 6 tonnes with an optional hand lever giving a total pulling force of up to 10 tonnes.

Features & benefits

  • Integrated jaw
  • Automatic chain tightening clamp
  • Total pulling force up to 10 tonnes


  • For removal of any pole, steel beam or tube with diameters up to 200mm (8 in).
  • For removing of
    • Wooden posts
    • Steel posts (incl IPE, HPE and UPE profile)
    • Round/square steel tubes
    • Fence posts
    • Anchors

Joe Jeter Sales offers these AC Hydraulic Post Pullers & Drivers to areas surrounding Dallas, TX and beyond.

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