Hydraulic Power Packs - American Pneumatic Tools

American Pneumatic Tools’ power packs provide a cost effective, portable solution to power the tools you need when you need to get to work right away.  Light enough for two people to lift into a vehicle for quick and easy transport from site to site, making it a convenient alternative to towing a large compressor.

The thermostatically controlled oil cooler gives fast warm-up and helps prevent the hydraulic oil from overheating. Correct working temperature is achieved within minutes even during the winter.

Features & Benefits

  • Variable-flow on/off valve for simple tool changes and slow start-up
  • Gauge displays when it’s time to change the filter
  • Several models equipped with Power On Demand, a system that saves fuel by automatically idling the engine when the tool isn’t being used and speeding up when the tool is activated

Joe Jeter Sales offers these APT Hydraulic Power Packs to areas surrounding Dallas, TX and beyond.

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