Pick Hammers - Chicago Pneumatic Tools

Chicago Pneumatic manufactures a line of Hydraulic Pick Hammers. The slim designs of this Hydraulic Tool gives a good line of sight to the working tool point. The tool is well balanced, with no external side bolts and protruding machine parts that can come into contact with the operator’s body.

Hoses are fitted with flat face HTMA quick release couplings for fast and easy connections in all work situations. The couplings are designed to help keep hydraulic systems clean on work sites where there are large amounts of dust and dirt.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight for horizontal work
  • Slim design for excellent line of sight to the working tool point
  • Long 1,3 m thin tailhose for light and flexible operation


  • Used for light work in renovation, demolition and structural alteration.

Joe Jeter offers these CP Pick Hammers to areas surrounding Dallas, TX.

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