XAS 400 CD iT4 JD7 Air Compressor Atlas Copco

Featuring Atlas Copco’s new element for improved compression efficiency, the XAS 400 CD iT4 JD7 is ideal for demanding applications. With a working pressure of 100 psi and free air delivery of 400 cfm, the new XAS 400 iT4 JD7 is a small unit with a big impact.

The extremely reliable John Deere engine is iT4 exhaust emission complainant and operates under widely varying climatic conditions. The engine features a large capacity oil cooling system, high efficiency heavy-duty two-stage intake filters (with cartridge replacement indicators). A highly efficient oil extraction system means low oil consumption. The large capacity fuel tank was placed low for good road handling and easy filling.

Gull wing doors provide easy access to engine and components for routine maintenance. And fewer moving parts minimizes mechanical wear.


Product Description