PD 140 Post Driver Rhino Tool

The PD-140 is a power performer. Often referred to as the guard rail driver, the PD-140 is fully capable of driving posts that competitive systems simply cannot. No other system strikes the balance between investment and return as does the PD-140. The PD-140 is ideally suited to drive guard rail posts, heavy line posts, corner posts, gate posts, baseball backstops, dock piles, pin piles, foundation piles, wood posts, concrete posts, heavy gauge aluminum posts, well points, well casing and fence posts from 2” to 4” in diameter.  The PD-140S is the modified version of the PD-140 for added flexibility to drive sheet piling. While capable of driving everything the PD-140 is capable of driving, the PD-140S has been fitted with a slotted master chuck which allows the sheet pile to pass through the chuck to engage the piston.


  • Optional 4 x 4 master chuck for wood or metal square post
  • Optional 4 x 6 master chuck for wood posts
  • Custom master chucks available upon request
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