Mounted Hydraulic Breakers - Atlas Copco

Mounted Hydraulic Breakers - Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco offers a comprehensive assortment of mounted hydraulic breakers varying in carrier weight class from .7 tons to 140 tons.

Atlas Copco┬┤s latest generation of heavy hydraulic breakers requires less hydraulic input from the carrier while maintaining maximum impact performance. This allows smaller carriers to be used which results in lower investment costs for the carrier. As both investment and operating cost decrease, the total cost of ownership can be significantly reduced.


  • DustProtector II
  • VibroSilenced Plus system
  • ContiLube II
  • AutoControl
  • Energy recovery
  • StartSelect
  • PowerAdapt
  • Percussion chamber ventilation

Joe Jeter Sales offers these AC Mounted Hydraulic Breakers to areas surrounding Dallas, TX and beyond.

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