Hydraulic Rock Drills - Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco offers an extensive variety of hydraulic rock drills with drilling capabilities ranging from to 115 mm holes

COP 1132:

The COP 1132 is a short and light rock drill that is very efficient when drilling in the designated hole range of 33 – 51 mm (1.3” – 2”). What differentiates the COP 1132 from other rock drills is it’s small size (both short and light). The combination of it’s size and high frequency makes it an optimal rock drill in loose to medium hard rock.

Features & benefits

  • High power output through well proven high frequency technology.
  • Advanced technology so that the piston strikes the drill steel more often instead of harder.
  • High penetration rate without increasing the stress on the drill steel resulting in longer drill steel life.

COP 3060MUX:

COP 3060MUX is a hydraulic rock drill built for long-hole drilling in the 89 to 115 mm hole range. Equipped with external flushing head, the machine offers maximum serviceability when changing flushing seals, since the extractor unit does not have to be removed.

Features & benefits

  • External flushing head for maximum serviceability.
  • Built-in powerful hydraulic extractor unit that practically eliminates the risk of losing the drill string if it gets stuck, which improves drilling capacity and economy.
  • Efficient, hydraulic dual-damping system with a floating adapter results in high productivity and good drill steel economy.

Joe Jeter Sales offers these Atlas Copco Hydraulic Rock Drills to the areas surrounding Dallas, TX and beyond.

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