Scabblers - Chicago Pneumatic Tools

Scabblers - Chicago Pneumatic Tools

Chicago Pneumatic offers a line of pneumatic tools called Scabblers. The CP 0006 & CP 0066 scabblers are ideal tools for cleaning and roughening concrete and construction joints. They can also be used to produce ornamental or contrasting finishes on road and building structures. With their different handle designs, CP 6 is more suitable when working on large surface areas whereas the CP 0066 is mainly used for work in confined spaces.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight, compact tool with contoured grip handle – reduces operator fatigue; increases output
  • Tungsten carbide-tipped pistons – longer-lasting; are easily replaceable
  • Back head grip – gives in-line thrust
  • Chamfered cylinder block – increases visibility of the work piece and permits close-up operation in corners

Joe Jeter Sales offers these CP Pneumatic Scabblers to areas surrounding Dallas, TX and beyond.

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