Rivet Busters - Dallas TX

Joe Jeter Sale’s selection of Pneumatic Tools includes Rivet Busters. Joe Jeter Sales supplies industry professionals in the areas surrounding Dallas, TX and beyond.

Pound for pound, there is no hammer with more hitting power than a rivet buster. Even a paving breaker would need to be at least twice as heavy to deliver an equivalent blow. This super-power can still be controlled thanks to low blow frequency and teasing throttle. That’s why the rivet buster is one of the favorite tools of demolition contractors in the US.

Users have discovered many new applications for rivet busters for working in both concrete and steel. No longer is the buster used exclusively by iron workers for forming and cutting rivets, but it has now found its way into the hands of operators who need the most powerful tool for the job. Our four manufacturers of rivet busters offer a comprehensive and diversified array of handheld Rivet Busters fit for most demolition projects.